Cat and the mysterious vase

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Cat owners attention! did you know that the first step in owning a cat is to make your home a save place for them, (wait your home is safe for you but it might not be safe for them). In order to make your home safes you have to start looking thinks in a cat’s perspective, Yes! your wish has been finally been granted, you have become a cat. Now, you have this mysterious looking expensive glass vase on top of this really tall table, what would you do? would rather ignore it or find a way to get the vase? Obviously as cat you would do all sort of weird magic tricks to get to the vase and after getting near the flask you would automatically transform into a Super Genius Cat Einstein trying out all different kind of experiments, but unfortunately when your about to finish your successful experiment which would definitely get you a noble prize you get cursed by the evil forces from outer space which ends up shattering the expensive glass vase, not only the vase is broken but you also end up getting stabbed by multiple tiny glass particles hurting yourself learning the fact that cats and glasswares don’t really go hand in hand.

Now as a cat owner you should have realised the fact that when you have a cat at home it is better that you keep all the fragile and expensive glasswares hidden from your cat in order to prevent your cat from getting hurt as well as to prevent major disasters.

Beware! Its chocolate!

Chocolate, the all mighty ingredient that makes majority of mankind instantaneously happy, but does it also work the same way for dogs?Dog owner feed chocolate to their dogs thinking it as a magnificent treat for their dogs, they think that chocolate has the same magical effect on dogs as it has on them, but unfortunately they are wrong. Chocolate for dogs are like the glittery poisonous potion which looks pretty on the outside but when consumed would slowly kill them in a period of time. A small quantity of chocolate would only affect your dog by giving them an upset stomach accompanied with vomiting or diarrhoea but when consumed in large quantity would have a serious toll on your dog’s health.So beware dog owners when it comes to chocolate, it may look royal and mighty but would slowly steal away your dog from you to a far away land where you can’t reach no matter how far you travel.