Our Services

Benji Pet has been serving the Pet Industry for more than 30 years. From day 1, we are focused on providing our customers with as wide a choice of pet care products as possible. It is our belief that our pets deserve only best. Our pets too are entitled to a choice, and their taste buds are as varied as their owners'. With this in mind, we have spared no effort in sourcing for the widest range of products to meet the unique needs of our pets -- especially dogs and cats. You will find many brands of nutrition items, treats, pet health care and pet grooming products. These are available at both our outlet at Joo Chiat and our online pet store. You can count on Benji Pet to fulfill your pet's desires and necessities and Benjipet will spare no effort to bring new products and various flavours to keep them satisfied.

In addition to our providing you with an extensive retail experience, you can also count on Benji Pet to be your best friend in times of stress. We may not be a vet, but there may be times where a simple solution is available for your pet's distress. Call us and who knows, the cure may be far simpler than you could have imagined. In case we can't be of help, there would always be someone from our extensive network who could be the life saver.

And who doesn't like to pampered! We do. In fact, we'd love to pamper your pets with the occassional groom. They'd be thrilled to bits and so would you! Our groomers have a wealth of experience and they have the skills and patience to groom even the most active of pups.

You and your pet can count on Benji Pet for your complete pet care needs!