Unicharm Pet Deo Toilet Dual Layer Litter System
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Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Cat Dual Layer Litter System , the No.1 cat toilet in Japan* simply & effectively removes odor from your home. 

The urine passes through micro-porous pellets to a highly absorbent pad below. The pad immediately absorbs and locks away both liquid and smell. Any remaining moisture left in the top layer is drawn into the porous pellets by dehydration. 

The system is quick and easy to maintain because what you need to do is simply dispose the liquid-filled pads once a week instead of scrubbing litter clump off the tray everyday. For the Top layer pellets, you only change once a month. 

With Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Litter System, odor is gone and so the chore of scrubbing litter clump. 


-Made in Japan 

-Super odour control & Easy to clean design 

-Double deck system with strong deodorization for great cleanliness and comfort throughout the week 

-Top layer pellet allows urine flow smoothly to bottom deck, keeping it dry & clean. 

-Bottom Layer absorbent sheet absorbs urine and prevent unpleasant smell 

-Top layer pellet only need to change once a month** 

-Bottom layer absorbent sheet only need to change once a week** 


Height : 26cm x Width : 40cm x Depth : 52.5cm 

Weight: 4,333g