Nature's Protection Dog & Cat Healthy Growth 250g
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Nature‘s Protection Healthy Growth for Growing Dogs and Cats is a specifically formulated

feed supplement made of essential and natural materials, including clinoptilolite of volcanic

origin from nature – Microzeogen. This feed supplement is designed to support the unique

nutritional needs of growing dogs and cats. It also can help form a regular and strong skeleton

and spine and strengthen the structure of teeth and bones. As well as cleansing the body of

accumulated toxins, this feed supplement can help promote healthy growth and optimal health

development, since young pets need minerals to grow strong bones and optimal level of



Natural body detox

Due to Microzeogen, this supplement feed helps facilitate a natural body detox by supporting

the elimination of toxins and harmful substances from your pet‘s system.


Healthy growth

Provides essential nutrients that is crucial for the formation of strong bones and teeth, and

helps maintain healthy nervous function, ensuring proper growth and skeletal development.


Mobility support

It is formulated to support mobility in growing dogs and cats, promote healthy joint function,

flexibility, and overall mobility, allowing your pet to move comfortably and freely as they grow.


Strong bones and teeth

It contains essential nutrients that support bone density, muscle function, and dental health,

ensuring that your pet's skeletal system remains strong and robust.


Contains: clinoptilolite, calcium & magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate


Nutritional Analysis:

Crude protein – 0.5 %

Crude oils and fats – 1 %

Crude ash – 95 %

Crude fibres – 0.3 %

Calcium - 8.72%

Sodium - 0.33%

Phosphorus - 0.01%

Contains: clinoptilolite, calcium & magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate