Kojima Pet Cleaning Glove Wipes 8pcs - Coconut
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Scented Kojima Pet Cleaning Glove Wipes (8 pcs/ pack)

A single use is as effective as a shower.

Great to use if your pet is unable to take shower.


4 Scents available:


Plum Green Tea


Sakura Cherry Plum



5-finger-glove-shaped disposable wipes, convenient of wiping all parts of your pet, cleaning, deodorizing, and sterilizing al in step.

- Pearl woven fabric that helps trap dirt easily

- Thick cotton soft material, strong and durable

- Ideal for several situations both indoor and outdoor.

- Gentle plant formula (protection of for)

- Neutral PH great for pets

- Suitable for both cats and dogs.

- Especially useful for pets who fear to shower.