Absorbplus Antibacterial Pet Sheet 45cm X 60cm (50pcs)
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Our AbsorbPlus Antibacterial Pet Sheets are eco-friendly as it is created with high-quality surplus materials that are 100% biodegradable. Featuring 6 layers of protection to prevent messy tracking, our pet sheets can also hold up to 2 cups of liquid (350cc). These antibacterial pet sheets also eliminate urine odors effectively and it's advanced polymer technology can turn liquid into gel instantly. Our leak proof back layer is made with 100% water-proof PE film, making it the most ideal pet sheets available for you and your pet.

- Quick drying surface to prevent tracking
- The super absorbent core turns urine into gel instantly
- Hold more than 2 cups of liquid
- Suitable for pets with skin irritation
- Perfect for training or assisting aging dogs
- Adhesive stick-on tape

- Antibacterial pet sheets are suitable for pets with skin irritation. Longer lasting odor control and eliminate urine odor effectively.

- 100% pure wood pulp and made with ultra absorbency macromolecules. Absorb liquid rapidly and prevent tracking. Soft and non woven fabric surface, rapid infiltration, surface remain clean and dry at all time.

- Antibacterial pet sheets control odor effectively for 72 hours. Proven 2 times stronger odor control.

- Refined leak proof base layer, 6 layers protection to prevent leakage. Can hold more than 2 cups of liquid (350cc).