Absolute Plus Flea & Tick Control 500ml (Neem Oil)
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Brand Name :   Absolute Plus

SKU: Absolute Plus Flea & Tick Control 500ml (Neem Oil)

  • Description

• 100% Safe on Human & Animals
• Anti Parasitic Therapy
• Anti Fungal Action
• Non-Toxic & Non-Tainting Formulation
• Non-Target Organisms
• Environmental Friendly
• Active Ingredients : Etofenprox 1.5%, Organic Neem Oil, Organic Karanja Oil

After your pet has been bath and towel dried, sprayformula thoroughly to wet its skin, starting from the back and moving forward throughout the pets’ body. Massage around the neck, ears, head, feet and skinfolds. Additionally, treat the pet’s immediate surroundings, kennels, walls and places where your pet frequents. Leave spray residue on all surfaces infested by fleas, ticks or other ectoparasites.