#1 All Systems Self-Rinse Conditioning Shampoo 473ml
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SKU: #1 All Systems Self-Rinse Conditioning Shampoo 473ml

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·         Self-Rinsing Shampoo.

·         10 to 1 Concentrate.

·         Formulated for dogs and cats.


A specially formulated, self-rinsing conditioning shampoo and coat refresher, rich in protein conditioners, which will cleanse thoroughly, condition completely and leave a residue-free, refreshed and deodorized coat perfect for when a complete bath is either not practical or necessary. It contains all natural, healthy ingredients, and contains no blueing, bleach, peroxide, alcohol, oil or silicone products, which adversely affect skin and hair. Will not affect the natural color unless bleaching products have been used prior to using #1All system Self-rinse Conditioning Shampoo.