Yeaster Shiba Inu Fish All Life Stages 6.5kg
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The Shiba Inu is the smallest of the six original and distinct spitz breeds of dog native to Japan. 

A spirited boldness, a good nature, and an unaffected forthrightness, which together yield dignity and natural beauty. The Shiba has an independent nature and can be reserved toward strangers but is loyal and affectionate to those who earn his respect. 

For 40 years, Yeaster (Japan) is committed to developing special foods for this unique breed in consideration of the overall well-being of the animal. 

-Fresh Bonitos with high content of DHA - EPA, 

-Chamomile for maintenance of healthy skin and coat. 

-No artificial preservative and colouring. 

-Manufactured at our very own domestic factory. 


Nutritional Values: 

Protein(min) 23.5%, Lipid(min) 8.5%, Crude Fiber(max) 6.0%, Ash(max) 9.5%, Moisture(max) 10.0%, Calcium(min) 1.0%, Phosphorus(min) 0.8%, Sodium Chloride(min) 0.3%, Linoleic Acid(min) 1.0%, Vitamin A(min) 7100IU/kg, Vitamin E(min) 70UI/kg, Vitamin B1(min) 2.0mg/kg, Vitamin B2(min) 3.0mg/kg, Metabolic(min) 325kcal/100g 


Beef tallow, refined fish oil - (DHA - EPA), cereals - (corn gluten feed, wheat flour, rice bran, wheat bran, barley bran, defatted rice bran), beans - (deratted soybeans, dried okara), Calcium - (calcium carbonate, salt, zinc sulfate, calcium iodate, copper sulfate), Meal (fish meal, fish powder), yeast extract, algae (kelp meal), saccharide (oligosaccharide), dried chamomile, minerals - (Garlic oil), vitamins - (E, choline chloride, pantothenic acid, B 2 , A, biotin, D 3, B 12)