Vitakraft Cat Grass 120g
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SKU: VK26547 Vitakraft Cat Grass 120g

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- Grass ideal for cats to help their digestion and prevent hairball formation. 
- Cat grass in extra selected and highly viable. 
- Specialty crops with vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. 
- Selected. highly germinable special seeds with high levels of vitamin, minerals and chlorophyll. Cat grass stimulates digestion and helps cats to cough up hairballs in their stomach. 
Instruction for use: 
1. Punch out the 6-prepared holes in the base of the tray to drain excess water. 
2. Place the seed tray on the lid so that excess water is caught by the lid. Pour approx 350 ml of water into the seed tray. 
3. The grass will start to sprout after 3-4 days. 
4. Ensure that cat grass is kept damp and place in a warm, lighted the place. 

Mixture of seeds of grass