Versele-Laga Lara Indoor Adult Cat Food 2kg (Anti-Hairball)
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Brand Name :   Versele-Laga Lara

SKU: Versele-Laga Lara Indoor Adult Cat Food 2kg (Anti-Hairball)

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Delicious chunks with chicken & turkey for less active indoor cats

Spoil your peaceful domestic cat with the crispy chunks of Lara Adult Indoor.

These delicious chicken and turkey-flavoured chunks contain, in addition to the necessary vitamins and minerals, also vegetable fibres that help prevent hairballs. The fibres also ensure faster satiety, so your cat remains in optimum condition.

Lara Adult Indoor is a complete food for adult cats from 1 year old.

Anti-Hairball with extra vegetable fibres that help eliminate hairballs.

Meat and animal derivatives (chicken 25%, turkey 4%), Cereals, Vegetable protein extracts, Oils and fats, Derivatives of vegetable origin (cellulose 2%), Yeast, Minerals, Yucca (120 mg/kg)