Reliq Botanical Mist Spray - Lavender 120ml
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Infused with natural extracts that will leave your pets smelling as wonderful as they feel cuddled up next to you.

Long valued as an essential oil, Lavender offers a beautiful and versatile aroma for when you want to create a calm and comforting environment for your beloved pal. Plus, the mist does wonders for nourishing the skin thanks to Matricaria flower extract and Aloe Vera.

Purified water, Glycosyl trehalose, Pantheaol (Vitamin B5), Matricaria flower extract, Lavender fragrance, Olive leaf extract, Aloe vera.DIRECTIONSUse after or in-between baths to infuse your pet with refreshing and nourishing scent. Carefully spray 5-10 inches from his or her body, avoiding eyes and nose. Allow to air dry.