Petrebels Champions Only Barrel 90 (Cream)
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SKU: Petrebels Champions Only Barrel 90 (Cream)

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38 x 38 x 90 CM

Thinking out of box! So familiar but so unique new! What to change at a normal scratching tower? Is it really possible? A scratching tower is a scratching tower – and that’s it! Is that really the case? Petrebels says no, we do not want to believe that! And lo and behold we create our new BARREL- series -THIS IS MY HAPPY PLACE, where we are giving for sure new impetus to this segment. Holes on the side are well known. Holes from above are new. And even more in combination! And finally, we simply created a new style of scratching barrel, uniquely designed with small vigorous changes, which appears in a completely hip and trendy look. The Petrebels color combinations are chosen in a way that Hip & Trend fits color matching in every apartment. The imprint on the sisal carpet pimps the BARREL into a modern age and the plush playing ball is dedicated to bringing playful variety to your cat.