Kala Health Probiotix Plus 15g
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Kala Health Probiotix Plus 15g


Probiotix plus is a combination of high density of direct fed microbials (DFMs) with prebiotics. With 15 billion colony forming units (CFU) of naturally occurring micro-organisms. Probiotix Plus rapidly colonise the gut with the beneficial bacteria flora that are commonly found in dog, cats, rabbits and other species of animals.

Recommended to be used :

·         New-borns & during weaning

·         Stress induced diarrhoea

·         Travelling exercise induced diarrhoea

·         Intense physical exercise induced diarrhoea

·         After the consumption of deworming medications

·         After the consumption of antibiotic

·         Change in environment

·         Change in diet

·         Vaccination/ Vet visits/ Hospitalisation


Prebiotix is a dedicated plant fibre which beneficially nourishes the probiotic or beneficial bacteria in the gut. In other words, prebiotics functions like a fertiliser to the beneficial bacteria.