Happi doggy Dental Chew Plushie Pack (7 Pcs)
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Brand Name :   Happi Doggy

SKU: H10 Happi doggy Dental Chew Plushie (7 Pcs)

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Get your hands on a LIMITE EDITION Plushie Pack @ $9.90!! 
Plushie contains one of each FUN FRUITY Flavours of Happi Doggy ZEST Dental Chews! 

One fun and fruity dental chew everyday for your dogs! 

 Doggy Zest Apple 

Happi Doggy Zest Milk 

Happi Doggy Zest Strawberry 

Happi Doggy Zest Mint 

Happi Doggy Zest Avocado 

Happi Doggy Zest Orange 

Happi Doggy Care Honey