FuzzYard Premium Treats - Kangaroo Tendon 150g (Dogs)
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SKU: FuzzYard Premium Treats - Kangaroo Tendon 150g (Dogs)

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FuzzYard Premium Treats are proudly Australian made and our company wholly owned. 

Since 2003 FuzzYard has been producing the best products in the world - we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently to others. 

We feel pets are equal to humans, so we want them to eat treats which are just as good. 

Australia is known as one of the most naturally beautiful countries of the world, with clean, fresh air, wide green land and crystal clear water. 
It is the combination of this amazing environment and Australia’s finest quality ingredients that help make FuzzYard Premium Treats the best. 

Spoil your pet with some of the most desirable and tasty treats in the world.
Your pet will love you for it!

100% Australian Kangaroo