Doco 4FT Signature Nylon Leash (Orange) L
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SKU: DCSN1048-08L Doco 4FT Signature Nylon Leash (Orange) L

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DOCO® 4ft Signature Nylon Leash features soft, fray resistant nylon walking, hiking and running. Chrome polished, zinc alloy durable metal 360° swivel hook is comfortable to snap on any dog collar or harness. Optional ID ring for your dogs tags or your keys.  

*Match with DOCO® Nylon Collar: DCSN002, DCS005, DCS006, DCSN003 

*Match with DOCO® Nylon Harness: DCSN202, DCSN201 


Special Features 

100% high quality nylon 

Higher tensile strength than polyester 

Nylon is resistance to mildew, aging and abrasion 

Soft hand look for comfortable walking with dog 

Tri-glide for easy size adjustment   

Heavy duty zinc alloy durable metal 360° swivel hook 

Mini ID tag for your dog's ID 

Vibrant colors are easy to see at all times! 


Size Chart 

XS     3/8" x 48"     (1.0cm x 120cm)  
S       5/8" x 48"     (1.5cm x 120cm) 
M      3/4" x 48"     (2.0cm x 120cm) 
L      1.0" x 48"      (2.5cm x 120cm) 
XL    1.5" x 48"      (3.8cm x 120cm)