Catwant Seafood Cuddle Fish 30cm - Silver Dragon Fish
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Delight your cat for hours and hours with one of these fun-filled cat cuddle toys. Filled completely with catnip with no fillers. Sea to believe this great catch and get hooked!


Product Features:

All-natural cat treat

No fillers - 100% filled with catnip

Hours of fun for you and your cat

Realistic shape & feel


Product Note:

Follow cleaning instructions to prevent mould and losing fragrance from the silvervine or catnip, which will reduce the life cycle of these 100% stuffed cuddle toys drastically.

Do not wash


Cleaning Instructions:

Step 1: After your cat has finished playing with the cuddle toy, use a wet napkin or cloth to wipe any slobber or contamination off the surface. SPOT CLEAN ONLY. Do not wash, since there are no other filler materials besides 100% silvervine or catnip.


Step 2: Use a hair dryer to dry just the cleaning area or place the toy under sunlight to let it dry naturally to revive the natural fragrance of the toy.


Step 3: After the cuddle toy has completely dried, store in a zip bag or sealed container to prolong fragrance.