Catwant Matatabi Stick Medium 6pcs
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Well loved by cats for centuries, Matatabi is a rare healthy natural stimulant with effects similar to catnips.


We all know how hard it can be to keep cats’ dental hygiene in check. Matatabi sticks help to improve dental hygiene by removing harmful plaque and tartar through exfoliation and keeping them engaged at the same time.



S - 10pcs (CW-477)

M - 6pcs (CW-484)


Product Features:

High quality: 100% pure natural & non-toxic

High potency ensure cat loves it

Improve dental health

Relive stress & anxiety


Product Note:

Please store in a cool and ventilated place to avoid long sunshine exposure or damp place, which could easily cause deterioration of products.

Do not wash


Product Material:

Matatabi Stick (Silvervine)