CIAO chu ru Tuna for Kitten 14gX20 sachets
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SKU: CIAO chu ru Tuna for Kitten 14gX20 sachets

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Japan’s no. 1 best selling cat treats, Ciao Churu is a tasty liquid snack that helps replenish fluid loss in your cats’ body. You can feed the liquid paste directly to your cat, or it can be added to your cat’s food for an extra flavour to entice your cat to eat his meals. With delicious flavours, your finicky kittens gotta love it! If, like many cat owners, you prefer your cat treats to be grain- and preservative-free, you’ll definitely want to check out Ciao Churu Katsuo Skipjack Cat Treats. They’re prepared exclusively with human-quality ingredients and each treat contains green tea extract for anti-oxidant benefits.


Crude Protein(min)7.0%

Crude Fat(min)0.4%

Crude Fiber(max)0.1%


Tuna,Tuna extract,protein hydrolysate,sugarsoligosaccharide),vegetable oil Mineralsstarch(modified starch)kitosan,Thickening agent,Vitaminscondiment(Amino acid),monascus color,Green tea extractTaurin.