CIAO Chu ru Apetito Cat Treats - Chicken Fillet (8g x 8 sachets)
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Description: Buy 3 For $13.80, Apetito Chicken Fillet

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It is a new product of ciao churu series. Caio Churu is Japan's most popular snack for cats. This is a liquid snack like never before. Cats are addicted to this snack and can enjoy it. It is convenient to put on the cat food because it has a little more solid than the regular ciao churu. It is possible to draw a picture on the cat food because it is hardened rather than regular ciao churu. A small snack that meets the demand you want to feed cat a little snack. Preservative-free Reduce odor of feces and urine with green tea deodorant ingredients. 


Guaranteed Analysis:  

Protein: 7.0% or more  

Total Fat: 0.2% or more  

Crude fiber: 0.1% or less  

Ash content: 2.0% or less  

Moisture: 91.0% or less  

Calories: about 15 kcal / Pcs 

Chiken chicken breast, scallop extract, sugars (oligosaccharides etc.), vegetable fats and oils, thickeners (processed starch), minerals, polysaccharide thickeners, seasonings (amino acids etc.), vitamin E, monascus pigment, green tea extract