2 Pkts x Burgess Wellbeing Skin and Coat Cat Food 1.5kg
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SKU: 2 Pkts x Burgess Wellbeing Skin and Coat Cat Food 1.5kg

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Burgess is a British family company that has become one of the best cat food suppliers on the market. They use only the finest ingredients in their unique recipes. As well as vitamins and minerals this cat food uses proven dental technology, which contains natural fibre and a specialist ingredient which reduce plaque formation and support healthy teeth and gums.

Your cat's skin and coat are a good indication of overall health and wellbeing. That’s why this recipe uses linseed and biotin, formulated to help minimise hairballs and maximise a glossy coat. Leaving your cat with soft, supple skin that looks and feels perfect.

This dry cat food is manufactured from high quality ingredients that are free from artificial colours and flavours. With British chicken used as a single source of protein, it is mixed with healthy pulses, and essential nutrients to support your cat's health and wellbeing.

The benefits of Burgess Wellbeing Skin & Coat Complete Dry Cat Food are as follows:

·         Grain free so it's gentle on the stomach.

·         Contains Linseed and biotin that promote healthy skin and coat.

·         Includes taurine which helps support your cat's heart.

·         Contains natural fibres to move hair along the digestive tract.

·         Includes Dental Defence Technology, a specialist ingredient that reduces plaque formation and support oral health.

·         A full flavoured complete meal for cats aged 1+.

49% British Chicken (Poultry meat meal 37%, Poultry fat 9%, Chicken gravy 3%), Sweet potato, Potato, Tapioca, Unmolassed beet pulp, Lentils, Chickpeas, Potato protein, Linseed (2.5%), STAY-C® 50 (700mg/kg)