APT. 1022 All Soft Shampoo with Marine Collagen 4L
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Brand Name :   APT. 1022 Green Pet Care

SKU: APT. 1022 All Soft Shampoo with Marine Collagen 4L

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Healthier Skin with Marine Collagen

Amino acid based cleanser + Melissa officinalis leaf extract + Marine collagen + Persimmon extract + Allantoin

More than just cleansing. Ecocert certified amino acid-based cleanser perfectly clears up all the furry catastrophe. Softening formula provides rich conditioning, melissa officinalis Leaf extract softens and repairs dryness fur. And there is more: marine collagen for hydrating skin; persimmon for odor control. The natural formula for a complete softness & smoothness.

SLS/SLES, Paraben, Artificial Colors free


1022 Green Pet Care with Marine Collagen helps your pet’s skin stays healthy, while skin cells are rejuvenated and repaired.


Safe for pets
Free of SLS/SLES, Paraben, Artificial Colors, and Mineral Oils.

Marine Collagen
Maintains skin natural defenses and helps cells renewal.

Ecocert certified green cleanser
Ecocert certified amino acid-based cleanser naturally clears up all furry catastrophes.

Persimmon Extract-odor control
Japanese persimmon extract has high tannin content Tannins are phenolic compounds that react to a variety deodorizing properties.Japanese persimmon for odor controlpersimmon for odor control

Easy-Style booster- fast drying and grooming
Makes styling easier and fast-Dry while blow-drying.

Tearless Formula
Gentle formula, no tears, ever!

Amino acid based cleanser + Bamboo extract + Linseed extract + Persimmon extract + Allantoin + Criste marine